Pieces and Projects

Flyer by Yaron Maïm

KLOF. cyberographies of folk

Concept, artistic direction, choreography: Irina Demina

Co-choreography, dance: Viktoria Kohalmi

Choreo(cybero)graphy: KLOF
Sound Design: Michelangelo Contini
Machine Learning programming: Dávid Samu
Computer animation: Yaron Maïm
Stage design: Yue Ying
Costume design: Justyna Gmitrzuk
Light design & projection: Agustín de Olarte
Dramaturgical support: Ana Letunić
Production: Tammo Walter


Premiered at Felina Theater Areal in Mannheim, Germany

Choreographer: Viktoria Kohalmi

Dancer, co-creator: Rebecca Häusler

Music: Davidson Jaconello

We’ve been working with the concept of sustainability, and we translated it into the personal sphere, resilience. Our question was how can we maintain mental and emotional stability in everyday life in the face of difficulties. 


Work in Progress

with Rebecca Häusler

The contemporary dance project “Re-C-Up” is a call to bring the pollution of the world’s oceans by plastic, rubbish islands in the Pacific and other unpleasant effects of humans on the Earth to the collective consciousness.

The working title “Re-C-Up” is derived from the English verb “recuperate”, which means “to recover”, “to regain strength”. How do we deal with our waste and what potential does it have?

“Lysistratas Frieden”

Choreography by Stefan Hahn

Dancers: Viktoria Kohalmi and György Jellinek

Let’s Get Loud!!!!!!!! (Shhhhh)

Work in Progress

with Sandie Donzica

Our concern arises from a very concrete experience: our society is still holding onto female idols. Models of publicity incarnate once again new forms of idolized Venuses. Those have a pernicious effect on women’s self-esteem, aesthetics and sexuality: they surreptitiously work as a constringent box for all of us.


Choreographer, performer: Rosa Sánchez

Audiovisuales: Alain Baumann

Dancer: Viktoria Kohalmi

#01BRUMA is a performative concert of plants and post-humans, that develops from acoustic and visual signals, registered live from a plant set, monitored and connected to an interactive device made by kòniclab for this action.”

Text by Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann

Collaboration with Dasha Lavrennikov

This collaboration started without a concrete idea of an end product, just for the sake of practice, progress and spontaneous creation. Nevertheless, this perceptive work took us to perform together in Denmark as improv performers, and presenting her piece, Groundless Ground at the Certamen festival in Madrid.

High Pijama – Falling Rain

Director & Concept – Iris Jacobs

Dancers – Viktória Kőhalmi & Jorge Carreño Reyes

Director of Photography – Maximiliano Fritz Aerial Cinematography – Andrew Codd Make Up – Artist Rita Skomrova Editor – Iris Jacobs & Yaroslav Color Correction – Konstantin Konovalov Styling & Art Direction – Iris Jacobs Production assistant – Ian Mihura


Premiered at Perform[d]ance in Stralsund, Germany

Choreographers: Stefan Hahn and Viktoria Kohalmi

Dancers, co-creators: Perform[d]ance Jugendkompanie

Music: Sebastian Serpell – Lightdesign/Production: Felix Grimm – Video: Karolina Serafin – Stage/Costume: Xenia Hufschmidt & Annett Hunger

Photo by Daniel Dömölky

Auf dem Silberplaneten

Choreography: Beatrix Simkó and Irina Demina

Dance and performance: Irina Demina and Viktoria Kohalmi

What is the relation between imagination and escapism? How can we bring our fantasy utopias into everyday lives?

An intergalactic poetic dance odyssey by “RUBY BUYERS”


Choreographer: Rafaela Sahyoun, Assistant: Ines Galrao

Performers: Giuliana Corsi Kolling, Kailin America, Viktoria Kohalmi, Manoela Rangel, Marta Ruszkowska, Beatriz Silva

Production: Viviane Tabach

by Casa Aberta and the Localize Potsdam Festival

5 Postures of the Himalayan Blue Bird

Premiered at the Raw and Polished Festival in Nürnberg, Germany

Co-director: Benjamin Nivison

Music: Sebastian Serpell

We cannot help but ask ourselves: are we so rooted in the logical world that we cannot release deep attachments to our own material universe? Or, is our link to the primal so strong that our aversion to evolution is forced to take centre stage.

This piece allows the primordial voice to emerge from the body to talk, to transmit and to be present.

A Trip without Traveling

Showcased as Work in Progress at The Vortex Theater in Austin, Texas

Music: Sebastian Serpell

Assistant Director/Camera: György Jellinek

Lighting: Piotr Lemieszczuk

We all have been dealing with the pandemic one way or another. This piece, made with the purpose of describing specific situations during the lockdown, is my personal interpretation of this historical moment based on a variety of sources, from the direct experience of my surroundings and myself, down to inner thoughts and emotions. The piece shows several scenes happening in our outer and inner world: being locked up into our own homes, fear of losing our loved ones, doubting things we didn’t have the opportunity and time to doubt before and the existential search that so many of us have experienced.


Choreographer, performer: Rosa Sánchez

Audiovisuals: Alain Baumann

Dancers: Violeta Iriberri and Viktoria Kohalmi

A concert of dance and visual poetry in a world of hybrid languages.

#14::SKYLINE_EXTENDED:: is a show consisting of dance, music and live visuals where two female dancers, a female performer and a male musician interact with the spaces and stage scenery and props in a highly visual show.”

“In this piece Kònic Thtr offers a critical look at the new techniques of power, that rely on the access and manipulation of the sphere of psyche to submit people.”

Text by Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann


Music video film by Mail Lasan, Claus Vega and Salih Sali

Cast: Fabian Castro, Lara Muslera, Viktoria Kohalmi, Arina Lannoo, Leila Patzies

Years with the GG Tanc Dance Company

In those 4 years I have been working with choreographers such as Tamás Topolánszky /the head of the company/, Zoltán Grecsó, Máté Mészáros, Jenna Jalonen and Attila Gergely.

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