Workshops and Classes

I focus on the tool of exploration in order to bring out the uniqueness of each body, since I am fascinated and inspired by its original intelligence. To access this stream we need to listen, see, feel, perceive and at last, truly be in our body. 

Mindful Movement

‘Unload to Reload’

I invite you to this class to experience a different approach to moving and dancing. You will be given tools to release stress while widening the movement possibilities of the body from a different mindset, through meditative movement. This class is built around breathwork as well as some elements of DMT (Dance and Movement Therapy).

The classes were available online during the first lockdown on

Shape Shifting

This workshop uses imagination as one of the main tools and connects it to perception to open up new possibilities and creative spaces within our mind and body. During this perceptive practice our body parts and joints enter into intense isolation work. We observe what is the efficiency threshold in order to shift our body in space, while playing with weight and attention shifts. 

From the Stage to the Studio

A series of workshops stemmed from the research that lies behind our creations: a place to share thoughts, experiences and observations through specific tasks related to the piece in question.

Ideally presented with the co-creator of the piece.

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